New system to decrease truck lines at borders

New system to decrease truck lines at borders

New system to decrease truck lines at borders

A new system will be installed at Turkey’s border gates to prevent lines of trucks which sometimes stretch a few kilometers, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan has said.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Pekcan said it is of great importance for the customs administrations to be equipped with technological facilities in order for international trade to operate uninterruptedly and quickly.

Pekcan emphasized that the modernization of customs has a very important role in international competition and said that the customs administrations are at the center of the trade facilitation.

Pekcan, stating that they had implemented many projects, said the technical infrastructure at customs have been strengthened to ensure the security of Turkey’s borders and combat smuggling.

There are 30 land border gates, and 28 percent of Turkey’s total imports in 2018 were sent via highways, the minister added.

“We are doing the necessary work for the fast and safe execution of customs procedures at the border gates,” Pekcan said.

“We are also carrying out a large number of actions and projects to ensure that carriers and exporters are not kept waiting at borders.”

As parts of such efforts, “Transit Vehicle Tracking Program,” which will allow the border gates to get quick information on trucks, cutting the waiting times at the gates, will be active as of May 28, Pekcan noted.

With the new system, customs administrations will be able to have information on the incoming vehicles beforehand, and the trucks will spend less time at the border gates, the minister said.

“With the effective risk analysis, it is possible to intervene in vehicles that are likely to be involved in smuggling,” Pekcan said.

“On the other hand, it will be possible to use the personnel more efficiently thanks to the capability to get instant information on all trucks.”