New encyclopedia on Atatürk to be published

New encyclopedia on Atatürk to be published

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New encyclopedia on Atatürk to be published

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The Presidency Atatürk Research Center (ATAM) is preparing a new encyclopedia outlining the story of modern Turkish founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the early Republican years, officials have said. The encyclopedia will cover every detail of Atatürk’s life and his activities, according to reports.

Speaking to Anatolia news agency, ATAM President Mehmet Ali Beyhan said the aim was to inform people about the history of the republican years and Atatürk.

The Atatürk Encyclopedia was set to be completed within 18 months, but was delayed due to research issues.

There is detailed information on Atatürk’s thoughts and personality, as well as events during the republican years, said Beyhan.

“The articles in this encyclopedia are given with care,” he said. “If you give too much articles to one person, that will not be a very objective encyclopedia. That’s why we aim to spread the articles to different people and make them write objective information. This will be an objective work,” he said, adding that the people who are on the research council of the encyclopedia are researchers and professors.

Noting that there were a total of 563 articles in the former encyclopedia, Beyhan said all of these had been revised. This encyclopedia will also be a very historical reference book. The encyclopedia will first be published in Turkish before being translated into different languages, Beyhan said.

Noting that there are many discussions on Atatürk and the information on him, Beyhan said the best and most accurate information comes from the ATAM foundation. There are many discussions on the physical appearance of Atatürk and these are very unnecessary, according to Beyhan.

“At the bottom of these discussions lies an aim to give historical people a heroic style. In the end, Atatürk was a soldier and he had character of his own.