New detention warrants issued for Oktar case suspects

New detention warrants issued for Oktar case suspects

New detention warrants issued for Oktar case suspects

An Istanbul court has issued detention warrants for 61 defendants who are standing trial along with Adnan Oktar, a controversial televangelist sentenced to 1,075 years for various crimes.

Police forces detained 50 of them as a result of the operations carried out at various locations, while efforts continue for the remaining 11 defendants.

Last week, the Istanbul Regional Court of Justice had decided to release 68 defendants, taking into account the time spent in pre-trial. But, the chief prosecutor’s office filed an objection to the decision.

The court declined the objection regarding seven defendants but decided to issue detention warrants for 61 of them who were previously released.

Oktar and dozens of his followers were detained in simultaneous nationwide raids in 2018.

A 499-page indictment portrays him and others as a criminal gang thriving on blackmail, extortion, money laundering and a string of other crimes.

Among more serious charges are attempting political and military espionage, torture, abduction, illegal wiretapping, fraud, threats, attempted murder, and forgery, as well as sexual abuse.

The court gave Oktar a total of 1,075 years and three months in prison over some of these charges.