Nearly 100 injured in metrobus collision as driver fainted

Nearly 100 injured in metrobus collision as driver fainted

Nearly 100 injured in metrobus collision as driver fainted

Nearly 100 people got injured when two metrobuses experienced a head-on collision as one of the drivers fainted, with two more metrobuses slamming into them from behind as drivers lost control of their steering wheels, according to city officials.

The unfortunate mishap happened on Sept. 9 in Istanbul Avcılar district in which a driver, complaining of uneasiness just seconds before the accident to passengers on board and asking to call for an ambulance, suddenly fainted, crashing the metrobus into another one moving in the opposite lane.

Two other metrobuses coming from behind slammed right into them, as the drivers failed to realize the situation and control the speed of their vehicles on time.

While 99 people were injured, firefighters rescued two people trapped in the metrobus.

Following the accident, the metrobus services stopped for hours. Passengers reached the stops by foot.

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya announced that 88 passengers injured in the metrobus accident were discharged from the hospital, adding three are still in intensive care while eight others are receiving treatment.

Providing information about the incident, Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu said that the metrobus driver screamed, ‘I am getting worse, call an ambulance,’ and fainted abruptly.

After the driver lost control of the steering wheel, the metrobus slid into the side lane, which caused a head-on collision, he added.

Upon allegations of negligence, İmamoğlu said that if there is negligence, the necessary action will be taken undoubtedly

Küçükçekmece Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the accident.