Mother meets policewoman who helped her give birth

Mother meets policewoman who helped her give birth

ADANA – İhlas News Agency
Mother meets policewoman who helped her give birth

A policewoman helped a pregnant woman give birth at a checkpoint in the southern province of Adana on Aug. 20 as she couldn’t make it to the hospital due to intense labor pains.

Hüsne Aslan, the pregnant woman and a mother of four children, was on the way to hospital with her husband on Aug. 20.

However, due to the increasing labor pains, the husband had to stop the car at the nearest checkpoint to seek help, where Demet Çubukçu, a policewoman, was on duty.

Çubukçu immediately called an ambulance, but after seeing the mother on the verge of giving birth, she rushed to help in delivering the baby until the medics came and took both to the hospital.

“I called the ambulance, but it was too late as the woman looked like she could give birth anytime. You know I am a police officer and am not trained for this. I was shocked. But I followed my instincts,” said the policewoman.

“We just showed that the Turkish police is always with the public,” added Çubukçu.

After she got discharged from the hospital a day later, Aslan went to the same checkpoint with her baby girl to meet Çubukçu.

Aslan told Çubukçu she named the newborn after her, Demet.

“This is a surprise for me. When I held the baby girl for the first time, I was scared because she was not crying. When I slapped her bottom and heard her first cry, it made me so proud. I am so happy to learn that she has bene named Demet,” Çubukçu said.

Officer praised by police department, public

The police officer was awarded a certificate of achievement by the police chief of the province, Doğan İnci, who said, “Our officers work 24/7 for the service of citizens. This incident is the perfect example.”

“I saw the woman in agony and as both a woman and a police myself, I came forward to help her,” said Çubukçu in the award ceremony while thanking her chief.

The policewoman became a national hero after the incident drew public attention.

Speaking to a TV channel, Çubukçu, a mother of two children, said, “It was a matter of life. This is the first time I do such a thing. But I must say, I would do the same if I encountered something similar again.”

“As a police officer, I have to do what I have to do.”

Çubukçu’s daughter also expressed her happiness and pride.

“I am proud of my mother,” said Aybüke, the daughter of the policewoman.