More than half of Turkish youth happy: TÜİK report

More than half of Turkish youth happy: TÜİK report

ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency
More than half of Turkish youth happy: TÜİK report According to the Turkish Statistics Institute’s (TÜİK) 2015 report, some 63.8 percent of Turkish youth say they are “happy,” marking an increase of more than 2 percent compared to the year before.

While 58 percent of young Turkish men said they were happy in 2015, the rate was 69.5 percent for women, according to the annual “Youth in Statistics” report. 

 Regarding the source of happiness among youths in Turkey, the study showed that “health” was regarded as most important by 49.4 percent of respondents, followed by “success” with 21.6 percent and “love” with 20.2 percent. 

While “health” was top as the main source of happiness for both men and women, the second rank differed with 22.5 percent of women choosing “love” and 26.6 percent of men preferring “success.” 

The use of time for various activities also differed among men and women, with young men saying they spend an average of 34 minutes on family members and family care and young women saying they spend an average of three hours and nine minutes on the same. Young men said they spend an average of one hour and 50 minutes per day on “social life and entertainment,” while young women said they spend one hour and 42 minutes per day on the same. 

Data shows that the southeastern province of Hakkari tops the list with the highest proportion of young people, at 26.6 percent. Two other southeastern provinces, Şırnak and Siirt, followed Hakkari with 24.2 percent and 23 percent respectively.  

Regarding higher education schooling rates, the data showed that the rate dropped last year by 0.4 percentage point compared to 2014 and stood at 39.5 percent, with the men’s rate falling to 38 percent and the women’s rate rising to 41.1 percent.