MİT neutralizes PKK local leader in N Syria

MİT neutralizes PKK local leader in N Syria

ANKARA - Demirören News Agency
MİT neutralizes PKK local leader in N Syria

Two terrorists, one of them Yusif Mehmud Rebani, who is code-named Rezan Cavit and the local leader of the Amuda and al-Darbasiyah regions, east of the Euphrates, have been neutralized by the National Intelligence Organization (MİT).

The MİT carried out the operation in line with the information obtained from the field agents after establishing a special team.

Rebani, who was found to have joined the PKK in the 1990s, is among the founding members of HPG, a military extension of PKK, in 2014 in Iraq’s Kandil region, while taking part in the activities of PJAK, the Iranian-based offshoot of the PKK, in 2010.

Rebani, who organized many actions against the Turkish army in Iraq’s Haftanin region in 2018, before the Claw operations, was assigned as the local leader for the Amuda and al-Darbasiyah, the neighboring regions of Rasulayn, which was cleared of terrorists with the Peace Spring Operation in 2021.

Meanwhile, following the deepening of the investigations, Mazlum Esat, who is code-named Ruhaz Amude and a ringleader in the same region, was also neutralized in the operation,

The Claw Operations, which started on May 28, 2019, are the continuation of the cross-border military action previously launched by the Turkish Armed Forces against the PKK in the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Operation Peace Spring, on the other hand, in Aleppo, within Hasakah and Raqqa was a cross-border operation Türkiye conducted in northern Syria to clear the region of PKK/YPG terrorists.

“Neutralized” is a term used by the Turkish military and officials to indicate terrorists were either killed, wounded, or captured. The ministry ranks those included on the list in five color-coded categories from red (most wanted) to blue, green, orange and grey.