Ministry warns against movie over ‘child abuse’ content

Ministry warns against movie over ‘child abuse’ content

Ministry warns against movie over ‘child abuse’ content

Turkey’s Family, Labor and Social Services Ministry has applied to Turkey’s television watchdog to carry out a thorough evaluation of the movie “Cuties,” which has been at the center of pedophilia debates and will be released on Netflix on Sept. 9.

The ministry has applied to the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), which is the country’s regulatory and supervisory official organization, warning about the possible consequences of broadcasting the movie.

“The movie will affect children in negative ways and can lead to the probability of child abuse,” said the ministry in a written statement.

Previously, Netflix had caused a public outcry after publishing the poster of the movie which said, “11-year-old Amy was amazed by a twerking band and, with hope to join the band, she discovers her femininity.”

After a massive social media campaign accusing Netflix of promoting pedophilia, the private media service provider had to apologize and change the poster.

Now the ministry has asked RTÜK to “take measures” against the movie.

“We demand your consideration for the movie. Our fight will continue against every step that makes children vulnerable to abuse,” said the ministry to RTÜK officials in the statement.

“RTÜK will exist forever to protect our kids. We are determined to take all kinds of precautions to guard our children, which is our absolute priority,” RTÜK officials said on Twitter in response.