Ministry sends 12-rule booklet to taxi drivers across country

Ministry sends 12-rule booklet to taxi drivers across country

Ministry sends 12-rule booklet to taxi drivers across country

Following increasing complaints concerning taxi drivers in metropolises, the Interior Ministry has sent a booklet showing 12 rules cab drivers should obey to all governor’s offices of 81 provinces on Oct. 19.

The booklet, written in Turkish and English for locals and tourists, will be placed on taxi stands and the back of vehicle seats from where passengers can easily see and read it.

“This booklet showing 12 rules will increase awareness,” the ministry said in a written statement.

The first rule of the booklet is a recall for drivers to “work at regions permitted by the municipality.” The ministry asked drivers not to smoke or listen to music loudly in their vehicles.

Wearing a facemask and adhering to distancing is the third rule mentioned in the booklet.

Then comes “Open the taximeter at the beginning of the trip.” No extra fees will be charged to the passenger other than the taximeter or toll fee.

The ministry forbids the drivers to reject passengers for short distances, a frequent problem observed especially in Istanbul in rainy weather.

As a solution to another big problem, taxi drivers are asked not to favor tourists over locals.

“Drivers should follow the shortest route to the point of arrival unless a passenger asks for another way, should propose the shortest option if a passenger does not know the route and should not interfere in dialogue for other routes,” the ministry stated as the eighth, ninth and tenth rule on the booklet.

The latest two rules specified in the booklet are to “Obey the traffic rules and look out for public peace by your actions.”