Minister joins chorus of EU critics

Minister joins chorus of EU critics

Minister joins chorus of EU critics

EU Affairs Minister and Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozkır. AA Photo

EU Affairs Minister and Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozkır has joined the chorus of critics against EU officials who made comments directed at Turkey over mass media detentions on a day of rest.

The EU officials, who had commented on the police operation against senior media figures and police officers in 13 provinces across Turkey on Dec. 14, need to get information from Turkey’s EU ministry officials before directing criticism, Bozkır said on Dec. 23 while speaking at a press conference on the “Action Plan for Strengthening the Capacity for EU-related Activities at the Local Level.”

 “I do not accept these kinds of statements from individuals and organizations without them knowing the probe operation’s details,” he said.

“Turkey and the EU need each other and the EU needs to determine a new way of thinking when they consider Turkey,” Bozkır added. Turkey will continue with its EU accession process, but does not care if the 28-member bloc refuses to accept Ankara, according to the minister.

Ankara would “pay no mind” if the EU does not let Turkey be a member of the Union, Bozkır said, adding that Turkey has opened all the EU accession chapters on its side and the country will close all those chapters within two years.   

“Opening chapters is not a problem for us; it is the EU’s problem. We will be glad if they open the chapters. We have been maintaining the accession process for eight years because it is beneficial for our people,” the minister said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently slammed international critics who voiced their concerns after journalists were detained after their headquarters were raided by police.

“The EU issued a statement during a holiday. How sensitive they are to what happens in this country. Where have those who make us wait at their doorstep get such sensitivity from? When we complain about the PKK to the EU, they say this is a country of law. Isn’t Turkey one?” said the president on Dec. 20.