Minister condemns attack on health workers in Ankara hospital

Minister condemns attack on health workers in Ankara hospital

ANKARA - Demirören News Agency
Minister condemns attack on health workers in Ankara hospital

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has condemned a recent attack on health workers taking shelter in an Ankara hospital after the violent relatives of a deceased man tried barging into the emergency room on Sept. 21.

“The state will not allow such things. There should not even be a probability of violence,” Koca wrote on his Twitter account.

The man died after he and his brother were at a barbershop in Ankara’s Keçiören district when a man came in and shot them at around 18:00 on Sept. 21.

The wounded brothers were taken to the nearest hospital, but one succumbed to his injuries.

The man’s relatives blamed medical staff for his death, accusing them of tending to him with “carelessness.” A fight soon broke out and the relatives tried tackling the health employees in the emergency room.

The emergency room staff scrambled to barricade the door to stop the violent relatives from attacking them.

Six female health workers leaned on the doors to prevent the crowd from barging in, while a coworker filmed them.


Police teams later came to disperse the crowd.

“None of our health workers were injured. The legal process has already started,” Koca added.

“The incident is sorrowful and challenging. Violence against health workers is against the principle of human dignity. We have to know that these acts will deteriorate the quality of our health services,” added Koca.

“I condemn the attack. Perpetrators will get what they deserve,” tweeted Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin.

“The security units ended the assault before it turned to a physical fight. An investigation has been launched,” the Ankara Governor’s Office said in a statement.

Health care staff in Turkey often get subjected to assaults and physical attacks, usually by the relatives of people who die in hospital accusing doctors and medical staff of not doing enough to save their lives.