Minibus in Özgecan’s murder to serve as bookmobile

Minibus in Özgecan’s murder to serve as bookmobile

HATAY – Anadolu Agency
Minibus in Özgecan’s murder to serve as bookmobile The minibus in which 20-year-old university student Özgecan Aslan was brutally murdered will be used as a bookmobile, the new owner of the minibus has announced. The minibus will travel across Turkey and deliver books to children, preserving Özgecan’s legacy.

Ayhan Kara, a businessman in the southern province of Hatay and the president of the Ayhan Kara Foundation, said he eventually decided to use the minibus as a bookmobile after having thoughts of burning it in a crowded place.

“The father of Özgecan urged me not to respond to darkness with darkness and use this minibus for a good cause. I developed the bookmobile idea during conversations with friends,” said Kara.

 Kara also stressed Özgecan was killed due to ignorance in Turkey.

“Özgecan was a victim of ignorance. There is a serious education problem in Turkey. The only solution is education. So this minibus should be used for educational purposes,” said Kara.

The minibus had recently been sold in the neighboring Hatay province for 17,000 Turkish Liras.

However, the owner unknowingly applied to change the license plate of the minibus, which he planned to use as a shuttle for students.

Özgecan, a lone passenger, was brutally murdered by the driver of the minibus in the southern province of Mersin on Feb. 11 after the driver diverted from the highway to a wooded area, despite the young woman’s objections.