MHP welcomes YSK’s decision on Istanbul election

MHP welcomes YSK’s decision on Istanbul election

MHP welcomes YSK’s decision on Istanbul election

The Nationalist Movement Party’s (MHP) Presidency Council on May 6 praised the decision of the Supreme Election Council (YSK) to do over the Istanbul municipal elections on June 23.

“It is pleasing that this decision, which we believe is for the benefit of our country, ends all kinds of debates [regarding the elections],” said a statement released after the presidency council’s meeting.

“It is the necessity of superiority of democracy and law that every fraction of society respects the YSK’s decision. It is necessary that no one attempts to drag Turkey into chaos and disorder in the face of this decision and any such attempts are obstructed by the security forces,” the statement said.

“The Nationalist Movement Party will be in every kind of effort, with its all organization units, for the success of the People’s Alliance in the election for which a re-run has been decided,” it said, referring to the MHP’s election alliance with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

After their joint efforts to win the referendum to shift to a presidential system in 2017, the AKP and MHP formed the People’s Alliance ahead of the June 24, 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections. The alliance continued to also cover the March 31 local elections. 

“We wish that the Istanbul elections … will be for the good of our country, nation and Istanbul people,” said the MHP’s statement.

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