MHP urges unity, solidarity against economic problems

MHP urges unity, solidarity against economic problems

MHP urges unity, solidarity against economic problems

The economic problems Turkey is suffering from are not unsolvable but require unity and solidarity of all people, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader has said, calling on companies and private businesses to reduce the prices of basic goods by 2 to 5 percent.

“The economy is not the old economy and the world is not the old world. We should see that a mentality revolution in the economy is a need. We should overcome the problems altogether. The Turkish economy has structural problems, and they are well known, but none of them are unsolvable,” Devlet Bahçeli told his parliamentary group on Nov. 30.

Turkey should tackle the economic problems in unity and solidarity and efforts to provoke people to go out for street protests will be futile, he stated, saying the normalization and balancing of the economy were underway.

Bahçeli suggested a tough struggle against those who are trying to capitalize from the people’s economic problems and gain new capitals, adding, “We should act in unison in the fight against inflation. Companies should make a deduction of the prices of basic goods by 2 to 5 percent.”

The opposition calls for early elections on the pretext of economic difficulties are nonsense and the executive-parliamentary system is not the cause of the ongoing stress, the MHP leader said. “There will be no early elections, no snap elections, no urgent elections. The polls will be held in June 2023.”

“Talking about a return to a strengthened parliamentary system is a waste of time. The coalition governments under the parliamentary system failed to move Turkey forward,” he said. “Our future is the executive-presidential system. Turkey will not revisit the already experienced models.”