MHP leader urges reshaping structure of Constitutional Court

MHP leader urges reshaping structure of Constitutional Court

MHP leader urges reshaping structure of Constitutional Court

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Leader Devlet Bahçeli has urged the restructuring of the Constitutional Court in line with the new governance system in Turkey, while criticizing the recent rulings of the court.

“It should be essential to save the presidential government system, which is based on the principles of democracy and the will of our beloved nation, from the rusty shackles of institutions that were established after coups. In this context, the Constitutional Court should be restructured in accordance with the nature of the new government system,” he said in a written statement on Sept. 30.

Talking about addressing the system and democracy, Bahçeli said, “The judge and the legal system must definitely be addressed, and judicial institutions that are the product and legacy of coup periods must be brought to a democratic content.”

Bahçeli cited countries governed by presidential systems and said there are “Supreme Court” or “High Courts” as the highest body of the judiciary in those systems, but on the other hand, there are constitutional courts in countries governed by a parliamentary system as well.

He recalled that the Turkish nation “preferred the presidential system of government and the parliamentary system period has ended,” in a referendum on April 17, 2017.

Calling the recent decisions of the Constitutional Court “painful and crippled,” he said, “In the name of violations of rights, irreparable damages have been done concerning national rights and sense of justice.”

The MHP leader expressed his expectation that the issue will be addressed in the new legislative year of the parliament.

The statement by Bahçeli comes amid a row between Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu and Constitutional Court President Zühtü Aslan over a top court decision to cancel a provision in the Law on Demonstrations and Public Meetings (Law 2911), which read, “demonstrations and marches cannot be held on intercity highways.”

Asked about Bahçeli’s proposal, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Oct. 1 that such a change will be the duty of the parliament, but he will be glad to approve if the legislative body ratifies such an amendment.

“If the parliament takes such a step, I would be happy to agree,” he told reporters in the parliament.