MHP leader calls for unity after quake disaster

MHP leader calls for unity after quake disaster

MHP leader calls for unity after quake disaster

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli called on the political parties on Feb. 7 to unite in the wake of a massive earthquake in Türkiye.

“The day is not a day for political and ideological polarizations, unfounded accusations. The day is above all. It is a day to be one, to be together, to get together and to embrace with the same feeling,” he said addressing the MHP members at the parliament.

“The day is not a day to waste time with you-me separation, self-desires, groundless polemics, and frivolous verbal duels,” Bahçeli stated.

There is no problem that Türkiye cannot solve, no obstacle that the nation cannot overcome, he added.

“Maybe we have and will have very heavy losses. Maybe there were times when we asked ourselves when the light of this dark night will come out. However, we will resist with our faith every time, and we will be together with each other with our free will,” Bahçeli said.

Common sense and composure, resistance and acumen to be displayed in the face of disasters are the prerequisites for social, political and economic normalization, the MHP leader emphasized.

“All kinds of disasters must be confronted with the strength of national unity and solidarity,” he said.

Meanwhile, main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) traveled to southern Hatay province with three metropolitan mayors.