MHP, AKP in row over former Deputy PM Türkeş

MHP, AKP in row over former Deputy PM Türkeş

MHP, AKP in row over former Deputy PM Türkeş

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The row between former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and the opposing Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) grows as MHP officials have slammed Davutoğlu for transferring former MHP lawmaker Tuğrul Türkeş to the ruling cabinet in 2015. 

“After being ousted from the Prime Ministry, Davutoğlu has lost his way and found a way to escape from his historical responsibilities and the burden of his failure by blaming the MHP,” deputy leader of the MHP Semih Yalçın said on July 26.

“Ahmet Davutoğlu is the one who is not only responsible for the chaos our country has experienced on the way to the Nov. 1 elections, but also for the martyrs, the extraordinary terror attacks and mass killings,” he said.

His comments came after Davutoğlu and MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli had engaged in a row after former Deputy Prime Minister Tuğrul Türkeş was dismissed from his post in a recent cabinet reshuffle.

Türkeş had been appointed as Deputy Prime Minister in Ahmet Davutoğlu’s provisional government in 2015 just after the June 7, 2015, elections, while he was still a Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) lawmaker. He continued in his position in the AKP government following the early elections on Nov. 1.

The appointment was harshly criticized by the MHP officials as the negotiations between opposition parties and the AKP over the possible coalition was still ongoing and the MHP, then, had a stance against the ruling party. 

When asked about the dismissal of Türkeş from his post in the recent reshuffle, Bahçeli pointed at Davutoğlu as the party responsible for his transfer on July 25.

“Someone who has the measure of Ahmet Davutoğlu should explain this,” Bahçeli said.

Davutoğlu responded to the accusations on July 25 blaming Bahçeli of attempting to change the agenda. 

Stating the opposition parties had denied giving ministers to the provincial government in 2015 “against the constitution and law, Türkeş had responded positively to our proposal to be a part of the government and contributed to clarify Bahçeli’s uncompromised attitude,” said Davutoğlu.

Following Davutoğlu’s comments, Yalçın slammed the former Prime Minister, blaming him for “trying to harm the image of the MHP in the eyes of the public.”

“This tactic of portraying the MHP as unjust even if it was in the right position is a tactic belonging to Pennsylvania. It was repeatedly implemented before the Nov. 1 election,” Yalçın added.

“Which party measures have you discussed in Pennsylvania?” he said, accusing him of being in connection with Fethullah Gülen, the U.S.-based Islamic cleric who is believed to have masterminded the July 15 coup attempt last year in order to form a provisional government. 

“As it was to the CHP [main opposition Republican People’s Party], a coalition was never offered to the MHP. The offer was early government elections,” he said, refuting Davutoğlu’s claims.