Meteorologists declare ‘orange alert’ for Istanbul

Meteorologists declare ‘orange alert’ for Istanbul

Meteorologists declare ‘orange alert’ for Istanbul

The Turkish State Meteorological Service has issued a “heavy precipitation and downpour“ warning for two regions and four provinces and has declared an “orange alert” for the country’s largest metropolis Istanbul against rains and strong winds.

“Orange alert” is rarely issued, which signifies a possibility of damage and loss in a “dangerous weather situation.”

According to experts, the regions of Marmara and the Black Sea and the western provinces of İzmir and Manisa, the Central Anatolian province of Çankırı and the Black Sea province of Samsun will witness rain showers in a couple of days.

In the mentioned areas, the speed of winds will reach up to 80 kilometers per hour, experts said.

One of the provinces the meteorologists warned against strong winds was Istanbul.

The residents of the metropolis were warned of “disruption at traffic, toppling of roofs and trees, carbon monoxide heater poisoning.”

Istanbul will also experience inconsistent rainfall.

The service also warned the country’s eastern provinces of avalanches in the coming week.