Mercan Dede, Beyhan Murphy collaborate again

Mercan Dede, Beyhan Murphy collaborate again

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Mercan Dede, Beyhan Murphy collaborate again

Mercan Dede performs the music of Beyhan Murphy’s latest dance show.

Beyhan Murphy’s new work, “Güldestan” (The epic of the rose), will go before an İzmir audience this weekend in a unique show that blends dance with the music of the Sufism-inspired Mercan Dede.

“Güldestan” was first staged in 2004 in Ankara, Samsun, Mersin and Antalya. The performance is made using a poetic language in dance and reflects the importance of the “rose” in Ottoman society and how it was perceived using the language of dance.

The new show, however, has been updated in terms of choreography and performance and features dancers from the İzmir Opera and Ballet, music by Mercan Dede, texts by Evliya Çelebi and Orhan Pamuk read out by theater artist Halit Ergenç, as well as photography by Istanbul icon Ara Güler.

Murphy said she aimed to reveal Turkish society’s cultural heritage with the performance, adding that “Güldestan” had frequently promoted the country in the international arena.

The decor for the show was created by Işın Mumcu, while İsmail Dede handled the costumes.

Murphy said classic works were very important for Turkey’s dance history, while adding that contemporary works were equally significant. Murphy’s works have been used by Mor ve Ötesi and other rock groups.

Mercan Dede, an established international musician whose work spans a number of genres, has just released a new album titled “Earth,” which features six years of work with young musicians.

“Güldestan” will be performed May 25 at İZDOB’s Elhamra stage.