Marking of Alevi houses a provocation: Turkish police

Marking of Alevi houses a provocation: Turkish police

Marking of Alevi houses a provocation: Turkish police

The marking of Alevi houses in a neighborhood in the Central Anatolian province of Malatya is a “provocation by dark powers,” Malatya police have stated, condemning the incident that sparked concerns.

Red crosses were painted on the front doors of 13 homes where Alevi families are living in the Cemal Gürsel neighborhood by unknown assailants on Nov. 22, stirring worries among local Alevis.

“Our city, which is an example of living together in peace and harmony, is being subjected to provocations by dark powers,” the Malatya police said on Nov. 23, claiming that the aim was to “create unease in society and to incite hatred and enmity among people in order to divide them.”

“Malatya is a city of living together in terms of religion, ethnicity and sects … After each and every provocation attempt, our respectable Alevi elders have expressed their will towards the unity of our state and the peace of our people. So it is clear that these provocations won’t reach their aims,” it also said.

The Malatya police said efforts to apprehend those responsible for the markings are “ongoing at full speed,” adding that they “firmly believe” locals and non-governmental organizations will act with “common sense,” as they did against previous “provocation attempts.”

A day earlier, Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association Malatya head Mehmet Topal visited the neighborhood and spoke to residents, who he said are “tense.”

“We can only guess what kind of violence or massacres these Alevi citizens may face in the upcoming period. We, as Alevis whose faith, philosophy and ways of living are being tried to be fit in a certain pattern, do not have to comply with others,” Topal said.