Man seeks paid military exemption refund from Defense Ministry

Man seeks paid military exemption refund from Defense Ministry

Ayşegül Usta ISTANBUL
A man who paid to be exempt from military service in 2011 has asked for a refund of the difference in the price of the 2011 and 2014 paid military services, submitted from the Turkish Defense Ministry.

Baran Doğan, a lawyer who was exempted from his military service in 2011 after paying 30,000 Turkish Liras, has submitted a petition to the Defense Ministry in which he asked for a refund of the difference between the price he paid in 2011 and the 2014 price of 18,000 liras, plus interest on the difference.

A government motion for the implementation of a paid military service exemption was approved by Parliament early on Dec. 10. According to the motion, those who are over 27 years old will be exempted from compulsory military service in return for a payment of 18,000 liras, as of Dec. 31. Men who wanted to benefit from the paid military service exemption in 2011 needed to pay 30,000 liras.

In his petition, Doğan mentioned the “equality” right that is defined in the 10th article of the Constitution and stated that for a differentiation to be legitimate it needed to rest upon an “objective and reasonable cause.”

“There is no reason or explanation for the unconscionable price that was taken from me,” reads a part of Doğan’s petition.

He also said his demand would establish a precedent if it was accepted and 70,000 people could ask for the 12,000 lira difference, plus interest, from the ministry.

Doğan said he would sue the ministry if it did not pay the money, adding that he demanded the money be refunded to him before the end of this term’s paid military service, so that he could donate it to someone who intends to pay the 18,000 liras in order to exempt themselves from military service.

Those who were previously suspended from using the right for paid military service are also able to benefit from the law if they comply with the age condition. Men of any age who were excused from military service due to health problems will also be able to benefit from the law.

The money collected from the latest exemption regulation is planned to be used to finance the country’s defense industry.