Man detained over ageist curfew video

Man detained over ageist curfew video

Man detained over ageist curfew video

A man has been detained after he posted a video on social media in which he intimidated an elderly citizen by pretending to be a policeman, supposedly questioning why the old man breaking the curfew.

In the video, the person told the 80-year old İhsan Yavaşça, “normally we should fine you, but this time we are forgiving you,” referring to the curfew Turkey imposed this week on its elderly citizens.

Yavaşca, who appeared very distressed in the video, tried to explain to whom he believed was a policeman that he was going to the hospital and the driver did not allow him to get on an inner-city bus, thus he was forced to walk on the street, not knowing what to do.

The Interior Ministry announced earlier this week the citizens aged 65 and over and also people who suffer from chronic illnesses are restricted to go out of their homes and to walk in open areas such as parks, gardens.

The video, which apparently was shot to mock the old man, immediately caused outrage as soon as it started circulating on social media outlets.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu also reacted angrily.

“By staying at home, our people who are over the age of 65 and with chronic diseases will not only protect themselves against the virus but also against those diseased with interaction, who walk around with smartphones and record them on video,” Soylu wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Uğur Bulut, the district governor of Ankara’s Keçiören district paid a visit to the old man and had him speak with Soylu on the phone.

“We apologized to Yavaşça for the inappropriate behavior he was subjected to,” Bulut said.