Mamut Art Project in Istanbul

Mamut Art Project in Istanbul

Mamut Art Project in Istanbul Organized with the sponsorship of Akkök Holding for the fourth year, the Mamut Art Project opened on April 21 at Istanbul’s KüçükÇiftlik Park. 

This year 51 works have been selected from nearly 1,000 applications to be displayed in the Mamut Art Project, which helps young artists display their works and attain visibility in the art world. Having selected original works by up-and-coming names in various disciplines, the Mamut Art Project 2016 jury included Banu Gündoğdu, Ömer M. Koç, Erinç Seymen, Ali Şimşek and Fatoş Üstek. 

The Mamut Art Project is also enriched with a performance series and a workshop program for artists, both of which will take place at the exhibition venue. Co-curated by Space Debris founder Seyhan Musaoğlu and Performistanbul founder Simge Burhanoğlu, the performances will run for two days, on April 23 and 24, and will be presented by young artists Murat Bulut Aysan, Itır Demir, İ. Ata Doğruel, Gabriel EA Clark and Ebru Sargın. Offered by visiting artist Katja Noppe, the workshop for participating artists will take place on the same dates. 

Pointing to the expansion of the project with each passing year, Mamut Art Project Director Seren Kohen said, “The portfolio meetings we held with applicants were instructive for all of us. Our school visits, the different PR events and receptions we hold at various venues are all an extension of our efforts to introduce Mamut to a wider audience. Our objective is to discover different ways to support young artists and, in a sense, create these ways through our own efforts. We have already taken the first steps towards the organization of the workshops and seminar programs we will be offering throughout the year. Taking Mamut out of the borders of Istanbul and meeting fine arts students across Anatolia is among our key objectives for the future.” 

The event will continue until April 24.