Main opposition CHP slams gov’t operation plans in N Syria

Main opposition CHP slams gov’t operation plans in N Syria

Main opposition CHP slams gov’t operation plans in N Syria

The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) spokesperson Faik Öztrak on Oct. 7 slammed the government’s decision to launch a new military operation into the east of Euphrates River in northern Syria.

“The [government] is unable to rule the country. They have brought the economy to ruins: our country is being scattered. They are looking for a way out and do not abstain from driving [Turkey] to the Middle East swamp,” Öztrak said during a press conference in the capital, Ankara.

The government has been talking about an operation into the east of Euphrates for some time, Öztrak added.

CHP’s group deputy chairmen and central executive board members held a meeting, headed by the party’s leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, on Oct. 7 morning, Öztrak conveyed.

“We see that after the phone conversation that took place between the White House, a secret agreement has been made regarding the planned operation towards the east of Euphrates, with the U.S. administration,” Öztrak said.

Öztrak claimed that the United States approved of such an operation in exchange for Turkey “keeping watch on the ISIL terrorists” in the region.

“The U.S. president overtly confesses this,” the spokesperson said, referring to the White House statement, which included United States’ demands towards certain European nations, who refused to take back captured ISIL terrorists.

The CHP has been advising the government to ameliorate relations with Syria he added.

“We are for the interests of our soldiers and nation. The shortest way to peace in Syria passes through the road from Ankara to Damascus,” he added.

The world’s hegemon powers have been using Turkey to reap the benefits of the region, Öztrak said.

“Are the guns handed over to the terrorists going to turn to our soldiers? [The government] is getting prepared to leave a bigger burden on our nation’s shoulders,” he added.

Meanwhile, CHP group deputy chairman Engin Özkoç on Oct. 7 criticized the new planned operation over Twitter.

“The U.S. is opening an amorphous area to Turkey. It is leaving the ISIL, which itself and the EU failed to clean out, to us. We should not forget that we are under threat from many fronts,” Özkoç said.

“Our heroic soldiers should not be pushed to the Middle East swamp, for the sake of future of politics,” he said.

Moreover, Hakkı Saruhan Oluç, the group deputy chair of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), criticized the planned operation, saying it will not bring peace to the region.

“The military operation to be performed in northern and eastern Syria will not bring tranquility, peace and democracy to this region,” Oluç told journalists in the parliament.

The solution for the region could be found “with democracy, human rights and rule of law,” he added.