Macron’s comments do not befit a statesman: Erdoğan

Macron’s comments do not befit a statesman: Erdoğan

Macron’s comments do not befit a statesman: Erdoğan

French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent statements on Turkey and its relations with Russia “are not befitting for a statesman,” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said.

“It can’t be said that there is consistency in his statements. The current strikes and disorder in France show that he is facing difficulties. Remarks about driving a wedge between people do not befit a statesman,” Erdoğan told reporters travelling with him while returning from an official trip to South Korea on May 3.

Macron recently stated that a joint strike by France, the United States and the United Kingdom against Syrian regime targets helped drive a wedge between Turkey and Russia on Syria-related issues. Turkey had expressed support for the strikes while Russia had condemned them.

“We have a good relationship with Russia, as we have with Western countries. Nobody can try to drive a wedge between us and another country,” Erdoğan said.

He added that Macron had wanted to join a three-way summit between Turkey, Russia and Iran as part of the ongoing Astana Process but the French president changed his mind due to the pretext of developments in Syria’s Idlib and Douma provinces.

Erdoğan also touched on another statement by Macron, in which he suggested that giving Balkan countries the prospect of EU membership they will be guarded from the influence of Turkey and Russia.

“We have our kin in the Balkans as well as deep historical and cultural bonds. We have very good ties with the [Balkan] countries. No one can deny this. I wish for Macron to not engage in such wrong steps,” he said.