Locals deploy cat houses for winter

Locals deploy cat houses for winter

BOLU – Demirören News Agency
Locals deploy cat houses for winter

A local neighborhood head has built many cat houses to help the felines survive the winter.

Mehmet Özcan, the head of the Yaşamkent neighborhood in the Black Sea province of Bolu, has put 17 cat houses around to sustain the lives of cats in this cold winter season.

Bolu, housing the famous Kartalkaya ski center, is known for its harsh winter conditions.

“There was a cat house in the neighborhood. We took care of it, and our municipality renewed its roof. But, of course, it wasn’t enough for all the cats. Then, we made these cat houses and placed them in various locations. Our main goal is to help them protect themselves from cold,” Özcan said.

Özcan turned the water pipes into the cat houses with the help of his family. After a work of one week, he started putting some water and cat food in front of them as well. He believes that locals will help him with the care of the cat houses and food supplements.

“We provide the food as the local authority, but we also have volunteers who support us,” he added.

Salih Çamlıbel, a tradesman in the neighborhood, said: “We felt very happy when we saw those cat houses. We love it, and we want everyone to do the same. Mehmet Özcan has been working so hard ever since he was elected.”

“We thank him and want everybody to support the animals that live in the street,” he added.

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