Local firm to send 1 mln body bags to Europe

Local firm to send 1 mln body bags to Europe

TOKAT - Demirören News Agency
Local firm to send 1 mln body bags to Europe

A textile factory in Tokat, a province in the Black Sea region, previously manufacturing shirts has now started the mass production of body bags. 

The company, once churning out 70,000 shirts a month and exporting to 33 countries including Japan, Belgium, Germany and Spain, is now producing body bags for European countries. 

The factory that stopped mass production in March 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic is back to work after a million body bags were ordered from Europe

“We had this big amount of body bag order two weeks ago from Italy, Britain and France where thousands have died from the virus,” said Muzaffer Yılmaz, a business partner of the company. 

“Due to the coronavirus, there is a big demand for body bags, overalls and masks. We had the order from the companies abroad that we were previously working with. So now we are producing body bags for them. We produce 6,000 body bags a day with 110 employees. Because of the pandemic, we work at half capacity,” he added. 

The staff are adhering to social distancing rules in the factory and are wearing masks, said Yılmaz, adding that workers’ temperatures are frequently screened when they enter and leave the factory.

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