Local association launches campaign for returning to Hatay

Local association launches campaign for returning to Hatay

Local association launches campaign for returning to Hatay

Hatay Aid Association (HAYAD) has launched a campaign with the slogan “Hatay is homeland, it cannot be left” for the return of former residents who left the city due to the earthquakes.

More than half of the population in Hatay migrated to other provinces as the city experienced massive damage in the Feb. 6 earthquakes.

HAYAD called for the return of Hatay residents who left the city with the slogan “Hatay is the homeland, it cannot be left.”

HAYAD Chairman Rahmi Vardı stated that Hatay has been faced with the second largest earthquake in the world and said, “Feb. 6 is a black day for us.”

Hatay is not an ordinary province, Vardı stated emphasizing the historical importance of the city.

“When Hatay was an independent republic in 1938, the late president Tayfur Sökmen said, ‘I would rather be an ordinary citizen of Turkish Republic than being the president of this state,’ and he finished his presidency,” Vardı explained.

“As their descendants, we cannot see these lands only as houses, gardens, factories, workplaces or shops. The ruins of these lands are also our homeland. This land is our honor, our homeland,” he expressed.

“Therefore, I would like to especially address the people who left here: No matter where you are in the world, come to Hatay, let’s all stand up together. Hatay is going through a very difficult time. It really has been the second biggest disaster in the world, we have been destroyed. But we really need people to stand up for Hatay.”

Meanwhile, it was seen that those who migrated to the other provinces wrote some expressions on the walls of heavily damaged buildings.

“Hatay, it’s not a farewell, we will come back,” “We are with you, Hatay,” and “Don’t forget 06.02.2023,” were some of these messgaes on the walls.

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