‘Little Prince’ books in Istanbul

‘Little Prince’ books in Istanbul

‘Little Prince’ books in Istanbul Fans of one of the best known novels in the world, Antoine de Saint Exupery’s “Le Petit Prince” (The Little Prince), will have a chance to engage with the book in a new exhibition in Istanbul. 

“The Little Prince Books of the World,” which is made up of the collections of the Little Prince Museum Initiative members and the Jean-Marc Probst Little Prince Foundation, brings together the Little Prince books in all languages and dialects. 

The Capitol Muse Project, which is home to the exhibition, has been decorated like a Little Prince planet. Visitors will have the chance to see the rose and ship of the Little Prince, as well as 483 copies of the book. 

Among the pieces in the exhibition are special Little Prince books, which are read through a mirror or a magnifying glass, as well as copies for those with visual impairments. 

“Le Petit Prince,” a series of parables in which a boy prince recounts his adventures among the stars to a downed pilot on Earth, was first published in New York in 1943, in English and French.

Since then, more than 145 million copies have been sold worldwide in 270 languages and dialects.