Legendary Turkish poet remembered in Moscow

Legendary Turkish poet remembered in Moscow

Legendary Turkish poet remembered in Moscow

A commemoration event has been held in the Russian capital of Moscow on the 120th anniversary of the birth of Nazım Hikmet, one of the most influential and remarkable poets in Turkish history.

Organized with the cooperation of Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) and the Moscow Nazım Hikmet Library, the event was attended by Turkey’s Ambassador to Moscow Mehmet Samsar, YEE Director in Moscow Ömer Özkan, and Russian Writers and Publishers Union (ASPI) President Sergey Shargunov.

Dozens of Turkish and Russian citizens also participated in the event to honor Hikmet.

Speaking at the event, the Turkish ambassador stated that Hikmet, who lost his life in Russia in 1963, left countless works behind.

“Years after his death, Nazım Hikmet continues to play an important role in establishing a bridge of friendship, becoming an occasion for a meeting between the citizens of Turkey and Russia,” Samsar said, according to Russia-based media outlet Rossa Primavera.

Stressing that the poet’s works have a unifying effect, the diplomat said that they will continue to protect his memory and legacy.

For his part, Özkan said that the most important purpose of art is to create a sense of beauty in people, and that Hikmet continues to do this every year because Turkish and Russian art lovers come together at least twice a year.

Shargunov said that Hikmet was a “legend” and that they are proud of him because he once lived in Russia.

After studying in Moscow, the Turkish poet came home as a Marxist in 1924, a year after the new Turkish republic was founded following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. But he spent most of his adult life in jail due to his “political views.”

In 1951, he left Turkey forever to live in the Soviet Union and continued to spend his life there until he died of a heart attack in 1963.

Nazim Hikmet,