Legal regulation considered for e-scooters: Minister

Legal regulation considered for e-scooters: Minister

Emre Eser - ISTANBUL
Legal regulation considered for e-scooters: Minister

A legal regulation covering e-scooters is being considered in Turkey to make them fully legal on the roads, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu has said, as the two-wheeled vehicles have been used widely lately, especially for short distances, amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“People use these scooters in traffic, and it is legally called ‘passenger transportation.’ So, a legal arrangement is a must,” Karaismailoğlu said.

Martı, meaning seagull in Turkish, is the name of the initiative founded in March 2019 in Istanbul, which allows its users to travel with e-scooters through a namesake smartphone application that shows the nearest scooter tied to a lamppost. After the ride, users can tie their scooter anywhere they wish as they require no parking place.

“Lately the use of these e-scooters, Martı, has increased. It is good and has drawn our attention. We are brainstorming the legal regulations. But it is not clear for now,” said the minister, adding that they are working on alternative models.

But previously, these scooters got involved in traffic accidents with cars on roads, prompting a debate on how they can be allowed in traffic without putting anyone’s life at risk.

Karaismailoğlu also stressed more people were using bicycles, as commuters avoid getting on public transport due to COVID-19.

“Investments will continue to encourage more people to ride bicycles. It is for the benefit of the city as more people are preferring bicycles,” added the minister.