Lawmaker accused of sexual assault resigns from HDP

Lawmaker accused of sexual assault resigns from HDP

Lawmaker accused of sexual assault resigns from HDP

A lawmaker from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) who faces sexual assault allegations has resigned from the party, at a time when the party is dealing with another lawmaker’s involvement in domestic violence.

Tuna Çelik, a lawmaker from the southeastern province of Mardin, is accused of sexually assaulting a female party member.

According to the victim’s testimony, HDP lawmakers suggested that they work together in the election campaign.

“He raped me after we had coffee,” she said, adding that he threatened her after she told him that she would file a complaint about him to the party.

She said that her mental health deteriorated, her family union has ended and she had to leave her home and children because of the incident.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor prepared a summary of proceedings, noting that there is sufficient evidence to launch a criminal file.

In a statement, the party said the incident had been discussed at the disciplinary board on June 30 and launched a probe into allegations and suspended all of his political activities within the party and the Parliament.

A summary of proceedings was prepared for Parliament in order to lift Çelik’s immunity so a criminal complaint could officially be filed.

Earlier this week, another HDP lawmaker Mensur Işık was accused of beating up his wife who said she was subjected to domestic violence at their home in the capital Ankara.

The HDP women’s council launched an investigation into Mensur Işık with a request from the party management to expel him.

The HDP management has limited Işık’s political authorities and requested him to give a defense statement over the incident.