Latest duet by ‘Cizreli Mehmet’ and LP goes viral

Latest duet by ‘Cizreli Mehmet’ and LP goes viral

Latest duet by ‘Cizreli Mehmet’ and LP goes viral

Another video from a singer in southeast Turkey, who first hit headlines through his “duet” with British singer Anne-Marie, has gone viral again with another duet – this time with American singer LP (Laura Pergolizzi).

“Lost on You” has been watched and shared by thousands of social media users in Turkey and elsewhere since being posted.

Mehmet Ali Şulan, who lives in the Cizre district of the southeastern province of Şırnak, first drew attention for his song accompanying Anne-Marie with lyrics sung in Kurdish through the mobile karaoke application “Smule,” racking up over 2 million views.

Şulan, who is a member of a music group that performs in local cafes in Cizre, said he performed the duet “for fun” and had translated the lyrics into Kurdish himself, Doğan News Agency reported at the time.

“I started to use this application and I liked the song because of its rhythm. So I sang along. At first I did it just for fun but it got more serious later. We want to present Cizre in a better way because we have suffered many troubles. I wish everything could be expressed through music,” he said.

Cizreli Mehmet,