Kitten saved by lorry driver becomes internet sensation

Kitten saved by lorry driver becomes internet sensation

Kitten saved by lorry driver becomes internet sensation

A lorry driver has made a kitten an internet sensation by sharing photos of it playing, lying, looking out and sleeping inside his truck while traveling some 50,000 kilometers in the last three months.

“It is my companion on the roads. I love it so much,” Samet Ayyıldız, a truck driver working in a transportation company in the northern province of Trabzon, told the Demirören News Agency.

The kitten has gained quite a social media presence thanks to the photos shared by Ayyıldız, capturing cute moments of the cat in different poses. People have been showering their love on social media for the kitten, liking the posts and asking for more of such heartwarming photos.

Though the kitten has been for about three months with Ayyıldız, he has not named the cat yet.

When asked about the reason, he said: “I have to find this kitten a new home as there is not enough space in my lorry for it to live comfortably. So I have left the naming of the kitten to its new owners.”

The bond between Ayyıldız and the kitten started three months ago when Ayyıldız first found it while on a tour of duty in the Black Sea province of Bolu.

“I was driving my truck one day, and someone driving a car in front of me opened the vehicle’s window and threw something with force to the wayside,” he said.

As the car advanced fastly, Ayyıldız stopped his lorry and went to the roadside to see the “thing” the man threw seconds ago.

It was this newborn kitten, wounded with scars.

“It was continuously crying. I couldn’t stand that. I took it to the nearest veterinarian and had it treated,” he said.

For weeks, Ayyıldız “fed the kitten with a nursing bottle” before it regained its strength.

Soon after, the truck driver started introducing his new travel buddy to the world with photos he uploaded on the internet.

The cute kitten’s funny moments captured in the photos won people’s hearts in a short time.

But now, it is time for the kitten to be in a home full of love and care.

“I have to find new owners that will adopt the kitten. Due to the nature of my work, I have to go abroad, and it will become difficult for me to take it with me on every trip,” he said with a broken heart.

When asked what he will miss the most about the time he spent with the kitten, Ayyıldız replied, “sleeping together.”

“Sometimes it sits down on my lap or hides behind my legs while I am driving. The very first thing it likes is looking out from the window,” Ayyıldız added.