Karman unsatisfied with Turkey’s policy on Syria

Karman unsatisfied with Turkey’s policy on Syria

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Karman unsatisfied with Turkey’s policy on Syria

Yemeni Nobel Winner Tewakkul Karman visits a tent camp in southeastern Hatay province which hosts Syrians fled from violence in ther country in this file photo. AA photo

Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tawakel Karman urged Turkey yesterday to take action on the ground on the side of the Syrian uprising, as Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu nominated the activist for Turkish citizenship.

“The international community’s support for the Syrian people is inadequate, and so is Turkey’s. Turkey should take steps to establish a safe haven to protect the Syrian people,” Karman told a press conference. Karman called on Ankara to open secure corridors into Syria to bring injured Syrian people to Turkey for treatment. If Turkey steps in to activate such measures, the international community would also extend support, she argued.

‘Annan plan can’t succeed’

The Yemeni journalist criticized U.N.-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan’s peace plan for Syria, saying it could not succeed. “Annan’s approach makes [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad both an enemy and a judge,” Karman said, stressing that the plan is too flexible. Karman asked the Turkish people to put pressure on their government to lend more support to the Syrian people. “Al-Assad will continue the bloodshed if the international community does not stop the killing,” she said. Late on April 30, Karman met with Davutoğlu as the two paid visits to Yemenis being treated in an Ankara hospital. The minister signed papers nominating Karman and her family for Turkish citizenship. Ankara had promised the activist citizenship when she first visited Turkey in March.