Kamalak re-elected as Felicity Party leader

Kamalak re-elected as Felicity Party leader

Kamalak re-elected as Felicity Party leader

Mustafa Kamalak

Current chairman of Felicity (Saadet) Party Mustafa Kamalak was re-elected at the party's 5th regular Congress May 4. Kamalak got 656 votes while his rival Fatih Erbakan, the son of the late party chairman and iconic politician Necmettin Erbakan, had 212 votes.
“We neither approve of covering up corruption, nor approve of the parallel structure in the state. No one can partner us with their sins,” Kamalak said May 4, addressing the Congress.

Kamalak said their struggle was not for the Prime Ministry post, but seeking rights for workers and the poor.

His rival, Erbakan, also underlined that the party's aim was to raise the “Milli Görüş [the national vision]” and carry it to "a place it deserved."

“The decision here will pave the way for new dynamism, a new future, and for a Felicity Party that did not break with its origins,” Erbakan stated, adding they did not apply on their own, but the party called for them. “Milli Görüş means Erbakan,” he also said. An Islamic union in the leadership of Turkey can only be achieved by the rule of the Milli Görüş, he noted.