Justice Ministry ‘works for comprehensive changes in family law’

Justice Ministry ‘works for comprehensive changes in family law’

Justice Ministry ‘works for comprehensive changes in family law’

Justice Minister Yılmaz Tunç has announced that his ministry’s ongoing comprehensive efforts on family law regulations will soon result in profound changes.

His ministry initiated efforts to address several issues causing citizens' grievances in family law, particularly divorce, alimony, and compensation-related cases, Tunç stated in a televised interview on Aug. 31.

Prolonged disputes in contested divorce cases and the high alimony amounts even in short-term marriages have been subjects of discussion for a while in the country.

Explaining that alimony has been provided indefinitely since the 1980s, Tunç stressed that the crucial aspect of the issue is to prevent economic vulnerability of women who do not possess financial stability.

"If the woman is at risk of falling into poverty due to divorce, we should also consider the woman's situation. If extended alimony payments are deemed unjust due to brief marriages, this must also be taken into account. A solution must be found by considering both sides," Tunç said.

The mediator obligation, which has recently been introduced as of Sept. 1 in the increasing number of tenant and landlord disputes, should also be extended to family law cases, the minister noted.

He also underlined that the ministry will work in coordination with the Family and Social Services Ministry for substantial changes to be made on this issue.

Tunç also stated that a symposium focusing on family law issues will be held at the end of October, featuring knowledgeable jurists, academics, members of the top court, and representatives from local courts.

Reminding about the start of the judicial year on Sept. 1, the minister stated that, as in the past, they will carry out necessary endeavors to establish and elevate trust in the judiciary and justice to the highest level.

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