‘Judiciary to use AI for writing decisions, reports’

‘Judiciary to use AI for writing decisions, reports’

‘Judiciary to use AI for writing decisions, reports’

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Supreme Court head Mehmet Akarca has announced that artificial intelligence systems will be utilized in some judicial tasks such as composing reasoned decisions and preparing reports, local media reported on Sept. 3.

The Supreme Court has been harnessing technological advancements for a while, already establishing an AI-supported virtual center disseminating precedents of the court, Akarca stated during the inauguration ceremony of the new judiciary year on Sept. 1 in the capital Ankara.

Precedents play a significant advisory role in the Turkish legal system, aiding local courts in the litigation process and providing clearer interpretations of the open-to-interpretation sections of laws in practice.

Akarca stressed that to prevent external interventions, the AI system operates solely through the court’s servers.

He noted that ongoing efforts are in progress to further employ artificial intelligence in tasks such as composing reasoned judgments and report writing.

"A.I. can be safely employed in various aspects of the judiciary, including the equitable distribution of workload, case allocation, preliminary assessments, and performance evaluations of employees," he stated.