Jordan and Turkey seek boost in defense trade

Jordan and Turkey seek boost in defense trade

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Jordan and Turkey seek boost in defense trade

Jordanian King Abdullah II (L) and Turkish President Abdullah Gül examine an attack helicopter during their visit to Turkish Aerospace Industries facilities. AA photo

Turkey showcased its first attack helicopter, the ATAK, during Jordanian King Abdullah’s visit to the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) as part of efforts to boost defense exports to Middle Eastern countries.

Jordanian King Abdullah II, accompanied by Turkish President Abdullah Gül, visited the TAI facilities in Ankara and watched the show flight of the ATAK helicopter. During the visit, President Gül provided information to King Abdullah and his company about the characteristics of Turkey’s first T-129 attack helicopter, co-produced by Italy’s AgustaWestland and TAI.

During their visit the two leaders were accompanied by high-ranking officials, including Turkish Defense Ministry Undersecretary Murad Bayar, Board Chairman of Turkish Aerospace Industries Yalçın Kaya and Director General of the defense company Muharrem Dörtkaşlı.

Beside the attack and tactical reconnaissance helicopter ATAK, Turkey’s unmanned aerial vehicle systems ANKA and Turkish primary and basic training aircraft HÜRKUŞ were also displayed to the Jordanian leader.

With the nationally developed fresh arms systems, Turkey has been passionately seeking to increase its arms and defense industry systems abroad, especially in Middle Eastern countries who have so far responded with a high interest.

Missiles sold to UAE

Last month, Turkish missile manufacturer Roketsan finalized a deal to export its own laser-guided rocket system, known as the Cirit, to the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) for a total of $196.2 million during a defense industry exhibition in Abu Dhabi. Turkey has been in talks with several Middle Eastern companies for the sale of Atal helicopters, Altay tanks and ANKA unmanned aerial vehicle systems.

Turkey’s defense and aerospace industries have soared by five fold in the last 10 years, while its turnover rose four fold within the same period, Defense Industry Undersecretary Bayar said yesterday at the Ankara Industrial Cooperation Days in Defense and Aerospace event. According to figures the undersecretary provided, it appears Turkey has pinned its hopes on research and development operations to boost the developing sector as those investments have grown 10 times more compared to 10 years ago.

As well as developing new technology systems, Turkish defense manufacturers have eyed establishing new research and development facilities based in the Turkish capital of Ankara, which is already thought to be the base of the nation’s arms industry manufacturing facilities. Hoping to foster the industry, a new aerospace industrial organized area will be established for completion in 2013 and operational by 2014. A space and satellite integration center will be formed within a TAI facility where all observation and communication satellites can be produced and integrated.

Turkey and Jordan vow for stronger economic ties

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The trade volume between Jordan and Turkey reached $870 million last year, increasing by 50 percent with the Free Trade Agreement that came into force in 2011, according to Rıfat Hisarcıklıoğlu, chairman of Turkey’s Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges.

“[Turkey and Jordan] surged our trade volume by 50 percent through the Free Trade Agreement signed in 2009 and which came into force in 2011, but we will not stop there,” Hisarcıklıoğlu said during the Turkish-Jordanian Economic Cooperation Meeting organized as a part of Jordanian King Abdullah II’s visit to Ankara.

Hisarcıklıoğlu added that the current level, despite being positive, is not enough, as the two parties have set a target of $2 billion in bilateral trade in the short term.

“The Free Trade Agreement remains to be a focal point in enhancing the relations. I would like our Turkish friends to come to Jordan in order to take advantage of investment opportunities,” King Abdullah said during the event.

 Hısarciklioglu also asked King Abdullah to support Izmir’s 2020 candidacy for the EXPO, a 160-year-old international fair that has not been hosted by a Turkish province yet.