İYİ Party promises to abolish inequality in education

İYİ Party promises to abolish inequality in education

İYİ Party promises to abolish inequality in education

Meral Akşener, the chairwoman of the İYİ (Good) Party, has promised to introduce a new, modern and visionary education policy when her party comes to power, criticizing the government’s narrow-minded educational and economic policies that have brought about an increased brain drain in the past years.

“If today young people seek ways to live abroad, women do not feel safe, and children face deep poverty, it’s because of the average educational policies,” Akşener told at her party’s weekly parliamentary group meeting on Jan. 5.

Education is the largest window that opens Turkey to the rest of the world and is also an assurance of the country’s strength and independence, Akşener stated, accusing the government of snarling the education through consecutive changes of the policies and appointing ineligible officials.

“We have altogether observed the damages given to our education policies by the [ruling Justice and Development] AKP Party because of unserious and visionless moves that do not correspond with the realities of our country,” she stated.

Inequality of opportunity has become a chronic problem because of the government’s policies, Akşener said, stressing that the İYİ Party is ready to propose an ameliorated educational policy to fix all the issues.

“I observe that a large cloud of pessimism is covering our country. I promise that it will be dispersed when we come to power,” Akşener stated, vowing that a prosperous, happy and comfortable Turkey is not far away.

More than one thousand doctors have left Turkey to work abroad, and many more are preparing to do so because of the government’s deficiencies in meeting the needs of the qualified brains of Turkey, Akşener stressed.

“We will go to the polls sooner or later, and this government will be unseated,” Akşener said.

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