İYİ party leader says quake victims will show their will at polls

İYİ party leader says quake victims will show their will at polls

İYİ party leader says quake victims will show their will at polls

İYİ (Good) Party leader Meral Akşener urged President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on March 1 for holding the elections at the scheduled time and said the quake victims will display their opinion about the government’s quake response at the polls.

Speaking at her party’s parliamentary group meeting, Akşener reminded that Erdoğan asked to receive the quake victims’ blessings during his visit to the disaster region in the past few days.

“Mr. Erdogan, a president’s receiving blessing from his citizens is possible only if he meets the requirements of the authority. This is the requirement of morality and virtue. An administrator can ask for blessing from his citizens by resigning, calling to account, and dismissing those responsible. Not doing these things and asking for halal is nothing but a public relations campaign,” she said.

“But if you want to receive the blessing, let me tell you the way. Politicians ask for blessing from their nation at the ballot box. Since you will receive halal, before that, you will bring the ballot box before our beloved nation, and you will want the blessing as well. You will bring the ballot box, you will see what our nation will say to you,” Akşener added.

On Feb. 27, Erdoğan visited the quake-hit province of Adıyaman and asked for a “blessing” from the residents acknowledging that the state had not responded adequately in the “first couple of days” of the massive quakes.

“In the first couple of days, in Adıyaman, we were, unfortunately, unable to run the works with the efficiency we desired, due to the destructive effect of the quakes, the negative weather conditions and the difficulties that were brought by the damaged infrastructure. I ask for your blessing because of this. We are aware of everything, and no one should have a doubt that we are doing and will do what is necessary,” Erdoğan said.

Akşener also criticized the Red Crescent in Türkiye for selling the tents to a civil society organization named Ahbap, which then delivered them to quake victims instead of dispatching to the AFAD free of charge for use by citizens in the disaster area.

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