Istanbul’s local dog framed over poop on train

Istanbul’s local dog framed over poop on train

Istanbul’s local dog framed over poop on train

Boji,” Istanbul’s beloved stray dog who has captured hearts after being spotted by the city’s locals for regularly using public transport, has been framed and accused of pooping on a train.

Footage from a surveillance camera showed a man leaving the poop on the seat of a train, attempting to frame Boji and accuse him of leaving the feces on public transport.

Boji was accused of leaving feces on public transport by a social media account on Nov. 19.

“The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s staff dog has dirtied the streetcar,” a social media account said.

While one said, “This dog has crossed the line,” and another, “Enough of Boji,” thousands of others showed their love for Boji.

Late on Nov. 19, Boji’s instructor, Ali Yeşilırmak, refuted the allegations on Boji’s Twitter account.

“I was at the training center all day. I did not even step out of the center to travel in Istanbul. Somebody put the poop on the tram and tried to put the blame on me. Shame on you!” Boji’s account said.

After a run through the city’s surveillance cameras, officials determined a man placing the feces on the seat.

According to the footage, a man boarded the tram, looked around first, took the poop out of his pocket and placed it on the chair.

Officials are now looking for the man to solve the plot against Boji.