Istanbulites moving to safer neighboring cities over quake risk

Istanbulites moving to safer neighboring cities over quake risk

Istanbulites moving to safer neighboring cities over quake risk

The Feb. 6 earthquakes that killed more than 45,000 people sent a shockwave across the country, especially Istanbul, where experts have long warned of a possible massive earthquake, forcing Istanbulites to move to safer neighboring provinces, such as Kırklareli and Edirne.

Following the devastating earthquakes affecting the country’s southern provinces, a possible severe earthquake expected in Istanbul has come back on the agenda.

Though many solutions have been proposed to protect the metropolis, where almost 16 million people live, some residents have turned their route to safer cities.

Currently, there is a great demand for the neighboring provinces of Kırklareli and Edirne, which are earthquake-safe according to the Türkiye Fault Lines Map prepared by Türkiye’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD).

Ümit İkizlerli, a representative of the real estate sector in Kırklareli, stated that the number of customers coming from Istanbul on weekends has increased almost eightfold.

He added that incoming customers first give priority to land purchases and formulas, such as prefabricated houses, tiny houses, or caravans.

The general trend is toward buying or renting villas instead of high-rise apartments, İkizlerli stated.

‘Departures reach peak of last 20 years’

According to a website,, sector representatives of moving companies stated the number of people leaving Istanbul in the last 10 days is at the peak of 20 years.

It was stated that in addition to the safe surrounding provinces, there were many people who moved to their summer houses in the Aegean provinces.

As some people do not take their belongings when they leave the city, due to moving to smaller houses, there is also a great demand for warehouses.

Istanbulites who did not prefer to move to other cities have started to search for houses in safer districts of the city.

Residents of many districts such as Kadıköy, Avcılar, Beylikdüzü, Bağcılar and Sefaköy, where old buildings are located and whose grounds are not appropriate for tremors are willing to move to safer districts such as Sarıyer and Beykoz.

Ali Aymazdır, an official from an association of moving companies, pointed out they received a lot of relocation requests in Istanbul, especially from the European side.

“There is a demand for Istanbul’s district close to the Black Sea, mostly from the Beylikdüzü, Avcılar, Bağcılar and Sefaköy districts,” Aymazdır stated.

Reminding that numerous people also applied for building inspection tests, he noted that with the result of the assessment test, these figures will increase.