Istanbul to renew earthquake system

Istanbul to renew earthquake system

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Istanbul to renew earthquake system

Energy Minister Taner Yıldız (L) introduces Turkey’s Map of Active Fault Lines. AA photo

Istanbul Special Provincial Administration is renewing its ‘Earthquake Emergency Response’ and ‘Early Warning’ systems for a possible quake threat.

Some 110 earthquake stations are being modernized, according to reports. Modernized early warning systems are expected to provide uninterrupted information on possible earthquakes 10 seconds before they occur.

The installation of the renewal project will be launched in July and is expected to be finished and ready for operational service at the end of September.

The installation will also provide information regarding possible damages to viaducts, airports, hospitals and the other important logistical positions.

Five devices for an early Tsunami warning will also be installed over the fault line of Marmara Sea to provide information about the downthrown on the see floor that causes tsunami.

A recent study on earthquake-proof homes and the precautions people take to protect themselves from seismic damage indicated that 70 percent of Turks have made no preparations for a temblor.

The investigation, which was conducted by A&G Research, revealed that a further 47 percent believed that an earthquake was the “will of God.”

According to the findings, 83 percent of participants said the buildings they lived in had not been inspected for earthquake preparedness. Only 12.9 percent of participants in the Marmara region said their buildings had been strengthened to withstand a temblor, but the results were even lower in the Aegean, Central Anatolian and eastern regions.