Istanbul to enter 2023 with sleet, slush

Istanbul to enter 2023 with sleet, slush

Istanbul to enter 2023 with sleet, slush

The Turkish State Meteorological Service has issued a “yellow alert” for 12 out of the country’s 81 provinces, warning of heavy precipitation through the week, with Istanbul witnessing mostly sleet and slush.

“The precipitation will take place in some provinces at the Central Anatolian, Black Sea and Marmara regions as of Dec. 26,” the institution said in a statement on Dec. 25.

“Especially, [The northern provinces of] Zoguldak, Düzce, Karabük, Bartın, Bolu and Kastamonu will witness heavy snowfalls,” it added.

When asked if Istanbul will face snowfalls through the week, meteorologists pointed out “sleet and slush.”

“The average temperatures in Istanbul will be around 11-12 degrees Celcius,” meteorologist Abdullah Macit told the daily Milliyet on Dec. 25.

According to Macit, the metropolis will spend Dec. 26, 27, 29 and 30 without precipitation. However, Dec. 28 and 31 are two days the city will be facing sleet and slush.

The expert highlighted that the expected heavy snowfalls will not be arriving in Istanbul before the first week of the new year.

“For Istanbul, the temperature should be around minus 6 degrees Celcius to see heavy snowfalls. We do not expect such a situation in the next few days,” Macit added.

A “yellow alert” is issued when there is a “potential threat by a weather event.”