Istanbul short-term rentals start from 5,000 liras per night

Istanbul short-term rentals start from 5,000 liras per night

Emre Eser - ISTANBUL
Istanbul short-term rentals start from 5,000 liras per night

The cost of a one-night accommodation in luxury Istanbul houses starts from an average of 5,000 Turkish Liras (approx. $250) and can even go up to 20,000 liras.

Especially for people who want to have a luxurious Istanbul experience, for crowded families or for those who do not want to stay in a hotel, short-term rentals are an important alternative in Istanbul as in every destination in the world.

Cihangir is one of the most popular destinations for accommodation in Istanbul. Nightly house and room prices in the neighborhood usually start from 1,200 liras, corresponding to $60.

If tourists want a place with a view and eye-catching interior design, the lower limit is 3,000 liras ($150). However, for large, stylish houses with big windows and balconies, the price goes up to at least 5,000 liras. As the splendor of the houses increases, this amount can exceed 10,000 liras.

In Beşiktaş, lofts and apartments that can go under the luxury category start at 7,000 liras per night. Depending on the square meters and the views, nightly rates in Beşiktaş exceed 20,000 liras. Average nightly rates in Nişantaşı and Maçka neighborhoods are 15 to 20,000 liras.

On the Anatolian side of the city, both the number of options and the price rates decrease. In Kadıköy district, for the few flats that can be considered luxurious, the prices are 8 to 10,000 liras on average.

Meanwhile Airbnb, the accommodation platform serving in many parts of the world, is one of the most important indicators of short-term rental prices in Istanbul as all commercial activities on the app are done with identity confirmation. In addition, all potential visitors can see what people who have previously stayed in those houses have commented about their experiences. The most common issue that tourists mention in the comments is the inconsistency of the information provided in the short-term rental listings.