Istanbul promoted online with new project

Istanbul promoted online with new project

Istanbul promoted online with new project

For the promotion of Istanbul, the Culture and Tourism Ministry and the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) have initiated a new project under the title “Istanbul is The New Cool” on the “Goturkey” platform, emphasizing the symbols of the city.

The ministry and TGA attracted attention with the promotional video with the same title, “Istanbul is The New Cool,” presented in the past weeks. Following this video, works were carried out with the same concept to introduce Istanbul to the world.

On the “Goturkey” web platform, Istanbul is being introduced in English under the headings “See,” “Taste,” “Smell,” “Touch,” “Listen,” “Routes,” “10 vibes from Istanbul” and “48 hours in Istanbul.”

Under the heading “See,” there are subtitles such as “Striking Multi-Religious Identity,” “Glorious Treasures,” “Living Heritage of the Byzantines,” “Great Mystic Symbols,” “Historical Areas of Istanbul,” “The Other Shore,” “Haliç, the Golden Horn,” “The Bosphorus” and “Shore Excursion.”

The multi-religious structure is mentioned with the words: “Mosques, churches and synagogues stand side by side as a symbol of tolerance and religious brotherhood in Istanbul.”

While Sultanahmet Square was described as the heart of the historical peninsula, Hagia Sophia Great Mosque was stated as the most magnificent religious structure.

While emphasizing that Pierre Loti Café is a great place to enjoy an alternative view of Istanbul, it states that a city visit would not be complete without a boat trip.

“When you are in Ortaköy, you should taste a delicious kumpir, which is a baked potato with a great variety of topping, from one of the street vendors,” the platform recommends.

Under the title “Taste,” it stated: “The meyhanes, literally wine houses, are a special local experience. The main drink on offer here is not so much wine but rakı, an alcoholic beverage made of grapes and anise. Nightclubs provide splendid entertainment throughout dinner, ranging from a selection of Turkish songs to belly dancing. There are also modern discos, cabarets and jazz clubs in the district of Taksim-Harbiye. In Sultanahmet, there are a number of restaurants set in restored Byzantine and Ottoman premises which offer a unique setting for an evening out.”

Under the title “Listen,” the best places to listen to street music in Istanbul are mentioned, while the “Routes” category lists the best places to catch the sunset in Istanbul, such as Galata Tower, Artisans Park, Maiden’s Tower, Büyük Çamlıca Hill, Pierre Loti Hill, Büyük Valide Han and Otağtepe Park.

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