Istanbul police pursuing man who shot at stray cats

Istanbul police pursuing man who shot at stray cats

Istanbul police pursuing man who shot at stray cats

Police have opened an investigation after video footage emerged showing a man opening fire on stray cats in Istanbul’s Üsküdar district. 

The man was captured on surveillance camera opening fire on stray cats with a gun on the night of Nov. 11. The emerged stirred outrage after it emerged onto the internet.

In the footage the man speaks on his phone before stopping to shoot at the cats. Vehicles nearby were also damaged by bullets shot from his gun.

Murat Dantar, a shop owner in the Üsküdar street where the incident occurred, suggested that the man could have been drunk.

“It was a very unattractive act and we cannot accept it. As animal lovers we cannot find such behavior correct. Some friends’ vehicles were damaged in this incident too. We want the authorities to take action to prevent such incidents from happening again,” Dantar told reporters.

Istanbul police have started a search for the attacker, examining the footage and other evidence to identify him.

The incident comes after a man was detained by police in the western Turkish province of İzmir after being captured on video footage violently kicking a dog on the pavement.

The video footage, apparently taken at night, shows two men walking and talking on the street, after which one of the men brutally kicks the dog on the pavement before continuing on his way laughing.

In his testimony, the attacker said he could not remember kicking the dog. He was released by police shortly after testifying.

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