Istanbul Municipality’s video website in service

Istanbul Municipality’s video website in service

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Istanbul Municipality’s video website in service

Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş speaks at the press conference held to promote the municipality’s website on Istanbul.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s video-sharing website,, will open the doors of the city to the world. At a press conference held on May 23, Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş said the municipality was making use of technology, adding, “This website, which will share the best videos about Istanbul with whole world, also enables its followers to upload videos.

“If you want to share a message about Istanbul or a place in the city, you can upload it to this website,” he said.

Topbaş said the website was a leader in its field, adding, “Istanbul is opening its doors to the world with this website that will serve in 12 different categories. It will enable people to reach every video about Istanbul 24 hours a day from every part of the world and make a big contribution to Istanbul’s development. Istanbul has made a step toward to becoming a model for other cities in the world.”

He said 2.1 billion people used the Internet around the world, and continued: “When we consider this fact, the importance of this website is better understood. It will share high-resolution videos on news, city, cinema, sports, theater, life and all other areas, and meet all the expectations of Istanbul’s residents.

Computers and cell phones will instantly reach the website. I believe that the website will be preferred by the city’s residents.”