Istanbul hospital emptied due to parking construction

Istanbul hospital emptied due to parking construction

Istanbul hospital emptied due to parking construction A hospital building in Istanbul was evacuated after the construction of a nearby parking lot caused fractures to appear in the building.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced late Jan. 20, that the out-patients’ clinic/polyclinic building of the Haydarpaşa Numune Education and Research Hospital in Istanbul’s Üsküdar district was emptied, after cracks formed in the building as a result of the underground parking lot and linking road construction that is situated right next to the hospital.

“Cracks have been observed in the Numune Hospital polyclinic building due to the nearby construction. Even though the cracks have not been seen to hold substantial risks in the initial observations, it has been decided to keep the polyclinic building shut for precaution and further observation,” read a part of the announcement made by the municipality. “When the polyclinic building is to be reopened will be announced after technical inspections.”

Security guards placed safety strips on the roads inside the hospital complex. Attendants carried medical equipment either by hand or using a van from out of the polyclinic to other buildings of the hospital.

The Health Ministry announced the hospital’s polyclinic services were to be carried out in the other blocs of the hospital.

“There is no such thing as the hospital not accepting any patients and all medical services are pursued uninterruptedly,” read a part of the Health Ministry’s announcement.

Trees cut down for the construction of the parking lot had sparked a reaction. According to the plan, the parking lot will have 20,000 square meters of green space at the ground level.